About Our Company

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope we can provide you with the same great service our other clients have come to know. 

Superior Quality Service

Here at 20/20 Tax Services we believe that the best way to serve you and to earn your loyalty is to provide you with a quality of service that exceeds what is common in the tax services industry.

We are not here to just “do tax returns.” Our clients are under our care, and while it is our professional obligation to provide you with tax returns or other financial services that are complete to the best of our abilities; we also care a great deal about the entire experience that our clients have with us.

Great Client Experience

Concern for the entire client experience is what motivated us to move our business from the location it operated out of since 1991 to a new location in December 2014. Our customer base has grown and our existing clients are becoming more successful and requiring more services. Our existing office space was not big enough to accommodate hiring the staff we needed in order to better service the growing number of client requests. So, we found a new space to expand and provide a more comfortable space in which to service our clients.

We look forward to meeting you.